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About us


is a small company based in Zagreb, Croatia. Our main goal is providing high quality AVIAtion EDUcation tools and CONsultancy services in continuing airworthiness domain, thus giving our contribution to the aviation safety in EASA environment in Europe and worldwide.

Our mission is to harmonise the objectives of individual maintenance staff, Part-147 maintenance training organisations, Part-145 maintenance organisations and competent authorities in achieving competency, proficiency and safety in aviation. We believe that competent maintenance certifying staff is one of the crucial elements of the aviation safety system. We share with our customers an extensive competence to enjoy significant financial, operational and safety improvements.

Our team consists of well recognised experts with extensive experience in the industry, competent authorities and EASA itself. Our main expertise is EASA continuing airworthiness domain, with special emphasis on Part-66 and Part-147 implementing rules.

Benefiting from our broad industry and regulatory experience, we realise the importance of helping individuals and organisations to reach their objectives and to exceed the challenge of managing regulatory compliance to ensure optimum competence through high quality training and examination material, consulting and specific training and examination support.

In cooperation with our partner Aircraft Technical Book Company (ATB) we are pleased to offer a superb quality Part-66 learning material (textbooks) and Part-66 basic knowledge examination service:

  • For individual students (self-study) preparing for EASA Part-66 examinations to obtain Part-66 licence – our illustrated books in hard copy and/or digital format (eBooks, thumbdrives) represent an ideal tool for gaining the required knowledge. The books are fully compliant to the EASA Part-66 B1.1 and B2 syllabi with depth of content appropriate for the knowledge level of each module required to pass Part-66 examinations in order to obtain the Part-66 licence.

  • For Part-147 organisations and other maintenance training schools - the books represent a perfect solution both as teaching material and as approved study material for the students, as per your MTOE. These books conform both to your classroom and to your EASA Part-147 approval requirements including detailed revision logs and edition identification. Projectable image banks, matching examination question data banks (EQDB) and a secured knowledge examination delivery system are available to provide a complete syllabi solution, allowing you to focus your time and resources on what you do the best – teaching students. We offer our unlimited support and assistance to your Part-147 organisation in the implementation of the examination delivery system and will work with you in obtaining the approval from your competent authority.

  • For competent authorities – in case you are considering establishing basic Part-66 examinations in your authority as the national standard or you are willing to improve your existing examination system, we can provide you with either the EQDB or both the EQDB and the 100% secured examination delivery system at the highest standard. Of course, we are offering you full assistance and support and our extensive experience in this field. Just contact us and we will provide you with more details.

Our vision is to become the leading and most reliable partner in Europe and beyond for the students, organisations and the national authorities in achieving the objectives as stated in our mission statement. We have the know-how and the most appropriate tools – and we promise you to give our best. We encourage you to challenge us.