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Note: Secured eBooks are not presently compatible with Windows Surface RT type operating systems or the Windows Edge browser.

  • If you have questions about your operating system’s compatibility, please call our technical support staff or write techsupport@actechbooks.com. No other systems besides Windows Surface RT or Windows Edge brower are affected by this issue.

Why eBooks? eBooks are full color, page-by-page reproductions of your book in Adobe format which you can view on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, or most Android type mobile readers. All eBooks from Aircraft Technical Book Company are fully searchable and extensively bookmarked. The content of an eBook is identical to that of a printed book, PLUS:

  • You get it now! 24 hours a day, every day of the year!
  • No shipping costs! big savings for our international customers!
  • Full search capability! available on all ebooks!
  • Table of contents with hyperlinks! go to any chapter or section with one click!
  • Environmentally friendly! saves paper, manufacturing, and transportation!
  • No import tax, duties, or brokerage fees! big savings for international customers!

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If you would like to try it first, to be sure that eBooks work for you, click either of the Free eBook titles on the right. Select the add-to-cart and order in the normal way. Your download directions will be sent immediately the email address you provide on checkout. You can open your pdf file on any device that supports pdf files, including Adobe Reader and Adobe Digital Editions.

eBook Instructions

How do I find my eBook?

If you have purchased eBooks from us you will be emailed a receipt with a link to your ebooks. If you have lost your download links, please click here to visit the "get downloads" page. Fill in the appropriate information and you will be brought to your personal eBook page that lists your download links. If you have difficulties, please contact us.

How do I download my eBook to my PC or Mac?

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How do I open my eBook on my Android device?

How do I open my eBook on my Kindle Fire?

How do I open my eBook on my Blackberry?

Learn about eBooks

What are Standard Adobe eBooks?

What are Secure Adobe eBooks?

Why are some eBooks secure?

How do I know if my eBook is Secure?

What is the difference between ePub and PDF eBooks?

Can I return my eBook if I am unhappy with the product?

Can I read my eBook when not connected to the internet?

Can I change my allowed computers?

Can I purchase secured eBooks for others?

Can I network eBooks or put them in a shared system?

eBook Troubleshooting FAQs

I lost my receipt and can’t find my eBooks?

I am having difficulties opening my eBook on my Apple device. Is there another process I can follow?

I have opened my eBook, but can't find the bookmarks (Table of Contents)?

I have downloaded a Secure eBook that doesn’t open up in Adobe Digital Editions. How do I open it?

I’m not able to access my Secure eBook on Digital Editions installed on other machines. Why is that?

Is Adobe Digital Editions authorized correctly?

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Adobe Digital Editions Error: Code #2083. License Error (Server Communication problem: E_ADEPT_IO)

Adobe Digital Editions Error: Server Timeout or Download Reset

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