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Avia Educon, in partnership with Aircraft Technical Book Company (ATB), offers training organisations and competent authorities a Part-66 knowledge examination solution for EASA category B1.1 and B2 licenses with an extensive examination question bank which is 100% referenced to our Part-66 modules textbooks. This program saves training organisations and competent authorities from the expensive and ongoing task of developing, analysing and maintaining basic examination question banks as required by EASA implementing rules. This program is comprised of two parts.

Examination question banks
All ATB basic examination question banks are 100% Part-66 compliant, based on required knowledge levels and match the organisation and content delivered through our textbooks. As required all basic examination question banks go through a continous analysis process insuring that any question that falls out of acceptable pass/fail rates is removed. Examination question banks average six times the number of required questions per examination insuring a high degree of randomisation. The examination question banks are regulary updated and refreshed with new questions.

Secure examination delivery system
Secured examinations are delivered on demand from the SpaceTEC/NSF servers directly to your in-house examination computers. The examination session is supervised by your qualified examiner/invigilator as described in your examination procedure contained in your training  organisation's Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition (MTOE). At completion, the applicant's examination is immediately scored, including a breakdown of results per subject category. Record keeping is by yourself in accordance with your MTOE, with additional permanent records kept by SpaceTEC/NSF and by your national authority, if required. After a six month delay, examination results are resent to you with greater detail including the actual questions and results which the applicant received, in order to fulfil the regulatory requirement for permanent recording. If required, those actual detailed examination records may be submitted sooner to the representative from your national authority.

As typical when undergoing EASA approval, your training organisation's competent authority or EASA surveyor will ask to inspect your examination question banks and secured examination system. Your response (as also stated in your MTOE) is that your examinations are contracted to ATB/SpaceTEC. Likely the surveyor will contact us to confirm and possibly re-inspect the whole examination system. We are prepared for these inquiries.

Examination services are billed to each school on a per examination basis. You will probably find this as avery cost effective option to the alternative of developing and managing your own unique examination banks and delivery system.

The secured examination delivery system is completely aligned with EASA rules and it is backed up by a supporting EASA interpretation. Please contact us for further details.

Part-66 Examinations